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Let's be honest, how long have you wanted to become an author?

You've probably struggled with one or more of the following:
  • You don't know where to start
  • You have no clue how many steps you need to take or which direction to go
  • You are worried you'll spend too much money
  •  Or you have spent a plethora of hours researching the endless sea of information on the internet and are this close (two fingers a centimeter apart) to giving up altogether

Ugh! This is just the worst! 
I've experienced every single struggle and I know how frustrating it can all feel

Let's change all of that!

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From feeling stuck and lost to

Seeing your book listed online and in stores!

Learn the same strategy I used to get into all of these stores online!

Yes You!

It is possible for YOU to publish a book! And you deserve to become an author and share your story with the world!

Let me show you how it's possible!:

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7 Easy Steps to Self-Publish Your book professionally

  1. Set up your social media platforms
  2. Choose a Print on Demand company
  3. (Optional) Create Illustrations
  4. Get the Details
  5. Design the interior of your book
  6. Design the cover of  your book
  7. Submit your book for publishing!

Designed for creative and ambitious people who don't have the time or money to achieve their dream

The Self-Publish Program makes it possible for you to become an author with what you have right now

Any Genre for the rest of your life

This program will help you publish any kind of book in paperback, hardcover, or eBook format.


you'll have access to the Self-Publish Program for the REST of your life to publish as many books as you want!

Picture Books

Fiction or Non-Fiction


Journals and Notebooks

"I was able to complete the entire process from beginning to end in a few weeks, while working full time and taking care of my children and my business. Now I’m equipped to share with the world, not one but all the books I’ve always wanted to write.

Corporate Executive, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom of 3
Self Published Author

Demystifies Self-Publishing

-Carmen Benton

"I had the book ready, but I didn’t know what to do. I felt flustered.
After purchasing, I had an action plan on how to publish. I wish I had found it when I was first starting the process of writing my book and getting illustrations. It would have saved me a lot of headache."

Action Plan to Publish

Alyssa Stiles RDH LMT COM

" Sara's program is super detailed and easy to follow, and the coaching from her gave me the motivation to keep going even when I had a million other things trying to battle for my attention."

- Krystal W.

Detailed and Easy to Follow

"I didn't know what step I needed to do first. Sara helped me to get a better understanding of which step to take first. She also gave me resources to help me get through those steps. Sara helped me feel more comfortable in a scary new situation. Being a first-time self-publishers, doing it all on your own can be discouraging. If you are on the fence, DO IT! Take the guidance!"

- Amber C.

Take the Guidance!

"I had know idea where to really begin. Everything changed after purchasing this program. It is laid out in such a way that it answered all my questions and gave step by step guidance to make the process feel achievable. This program really is amazing, it includes answers to the questions you didn't even know you needed to ask. It made all the difference in me actually bringing a dream I have had for years to life. I am really and truly so glad I invested in myself and bought Sara's program. "

- Erica H

This Program Really is Amazing

How the program works:

Select a program option that works for you

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Access videos, worksheets, checklists, resources, guides and MORE!

Publish a picture book or novel in paperback, hardcover or eBook format

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Learn Every Self-Publishing Step

Feel confident as a first time author

Two Options:

  • The entire Self-Publish Program with 7 modules, videos, worksheets, guides, checklists and more
  • 7 sessions with me via Zoom to answer questions, get hands on help, and create a customized experience
  • Life-time access to the Self-Publish Program

Self-Publish Program

Self-Publish Program + 1:1 Coaching

  • Move at your own pace
  • 7 modules with videos, worksheets, guides, checklists, and more
  • Email support from me to answer any questions
  • Life-time access

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Your clear path to publishing

Save Money & Time

Be Empowered

Publish Many Books

Create Opportunities

Learn from an experienced author how to save money and time without having to guess what to do next.

Have the freedom to choose the best possible solution for you and your book goals

With access to all this knowledge forever, you can create any type of book you want! Hardcover, paperback and ebook!

For the rest of your life, create opportunities for your future.

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One Month

Members of the Self-Publish Program are able to publish their book in

Imagine one month from now:

  • You are holding your very own copy of your book!

  • You can say things like, "It's available now on Amazon!"

  • You can fill out AUTHOR on the occupation line at the Dr.'s office.

  • You can take pictures with those who ask for a signed copy of your book

Learn the 7 easy steps to professionally self-publish your dream book without overspending in the process

Inside, you'll get the guidance to learn:

Introduction: How the program works

*To set yourself up for success from the start, you'll need to:
  • Set goals for your book
  • Research your genre and target audience using Research Guides
  • Learn how to find and hire the right kind of editors

Step 1: Set up your author platforms

*You need to start your social media now to give yourself an audience to sell to during your launch
  • How to brand yourself as an author
  • Social Media Guide with organizing strategies, 50+ content ideas, scheduling calendar, Social Media Checklist, Bio Guide and more!

Step 3 (Optional): How to hire an illustrator or create your own illustrations

*It doesn't have to cost a ton of money for illustrations. I'll show you how!
  • Where to find illustrators and stay in budget
  • What you need from your illustrator for book quality
  • How to illustrate your book on your own 

3 videos
($59 Value)

1 video
Resource list
($29 Value)

1 video
Resource List
($79 Value)

Step 4: Get Professional Details

*If you want your book to look professional, get the right details!
  • How to know which details you need
  • Where to find your book details
  • Copyright page checklist and explanation to set up your own copyright page

1 video
1 download
Resource List
($19 Value)

Step 5: Design the Interior of your book

*You can format your book easily and professionally on your own
  • List of many different formatting options
  • Video tutorials on how to format yourself correctly for printing

4 videos
Resource List
($97 Value)

Step 6: Design the Exterior of your book

*People DO judge a book by its cover! Make this step count!
  • 3 options to create your cover
  • Resources to use for a quality cover
  • Video tutorials to create a cover yourself and have it ready for print

4 videos
Resource List
($47 Value)

Step 7: Submit for Publishing

*It's OK to cry happy tears because you've made it this far! But get the right metadata before you start celebrating too hard!
  • Getting the best metadata for your book can help boost sales
  • Video tutorials on how to upload with Amazon and IngramSpark

3 videos
Resource List
($39 Value)

Social Media LAUNCH KIT ($29 Value)
  • 3 month launch strategy with calendar, content ideas and a To Do list
Marketing Tools ($19 Value)
  • A list of tools you can use to promote your book and keep track of sales
Marketing Tips ($21 Value)
  • Steps to follow to promote your book
  • Different marketing strategies you can try
Email Support ($130 Value)
  • Email Support to answer your personal questions for Life-Time Access


Step 2: Choose a printer

*Finding your printer now will save you time and money!
  • What to consider when choosing a printer
  • Print on Demand Comparison Chart (This is GOLD!)

1 video
Resource list
($89 Value)

A total value of

Yours Only $197

(or 4 payments of $50)

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This course is for You IF:

This course might not be for you IF:

  • You are ready to put in the work you just need to be told what steps to take.
  • You are DONE with searching the internet for answers
  • You want to learn tricks to save money
  • You want to know secrets from an experienced author
  • You want to set yourself up for success from the beginning
  • You want to feel confident with your first published book
  • You understand the power of self-publishing and the control you'll have over your future
  • You don't want to struggle, feel frustrated or overwhelmed with the entire process
  • You are ready to call yourself author and achieve a life-long dream

  • You want someone to do all the work for you
  • You don't care about learning the behind the scenes
  • You don't want to know your options for creating many different kinds of books
  • You don't have access to a computer or the internet (the program is all online)

Empower yourself to learn how to create as many books as you want for the rest of your life!

  • Achieve a dream
  • Make an income
  • Create opportunities
  • Impact you, your family and the world

Whatever your dream is, you can achieve it with the 
Self-Publish Program

That's not even the best part!

You have the option to choose what works best for you and your family!

At every step of the process, I show you how to do it for FREE. Yes, FREE!

You can either:
-spend no money throughout the process
-keep a budget that works for you
-or outsource it all at a price you like

to publish your book just the way you want.

If I had to describe my experience trying to self-publish my first book...

I would say it was like climbing up a muddy hill as a slow turtle, sliding backwards every couple of steps not really making much progress and considering tucking my body into my shell ignoring the dream of getting to the top of the hill. 

That's how long, frustrating, confused and overwhelmed I felt. 

I was a working mom with two young children trying to figure this whole self-publish thing out. I would come home, put the kids to bed then stay up for hours at my computer trying to figure out what I needed to do to make this dream come true. It was overwhelming and I felt incompetent. I knew other people could do this faster and better than me and I almost gave up altogether.

I don’t want this to be your experience. I want to empower YOU to become a self-published author all while making the process EASY and enjoyable.

Once you learn how to self-publish, you can create as many books as you want for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

So stop saying someday. Live with no regrets and give yourself the resource you need to achieve your dream of sharing your story with the world.

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"You are the author of your life story. How will you write your next chapter of life?"